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[Filter: Marias, in Kilian]

Good morning.

I left some tea by your bed. With your history of hangovers, you're going to need it. Once you're up, write and I'll have some toast sent for you.
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[Filter: Marias]

You're fidgeting.
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[Filter: Baethan]

You need to follow my lead.

Karyl needs to believe that we're fighting. He needs to think that we're in disagreement over what to do next -- an unbelievable strain, I know -- and that we're fed up with each other. I want him to believe that I'm striking out on my own and that he can lure me into a trap.

We need to make it believable.

[Filter: Public]

For the last time, we can't afford to wait here. Who knows how far from this Dragonsdamned tower he already is? And probably till moving. He could be half across Eire by now. And what would we be doing? Sitting here. Waiting!
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[Filter: Against Karyl, in Kilian]

We can't just sit here and wait for him to tell us where to go!
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She's still alive, for now.

She lost a lot of blood. That's the only reason they're not sure if she'll pull through. Dragons, there was -- there was so much blood. There was --

-- She's sleeping. They're keeping her unconscious because -- because they said the strain of waking up, of being in that much pain, could kill her when she's lost that much blood. She needs to rest. Her body needs time to recover what it's lost. Everything could ... could go south at any moment. She could just take a turn for the worse spontaneously, because -- because her body is having a hard time recovering, and it could just all go ...


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[Filter: Jayne]

Do you mind coming by early today? Mother was asking for help with the cake, and I don't know how to make one. I think she was hoping you wouldn't mind lending your expertise.

Do you know how to bake a honey cake?
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[Filter: Jayne, in Kilian]

Has Eith spoken with you about his .... reservations regarding Marias spending so much time with Arwen? He's said that Marias keeps taking her back to ... to what happened. Even though shes been healing from it, and she's recovering just fine, he still apparently talks about nothing but ... that, with her.

I believe Eith. Arwen speaks with him more than she's speaking with me, these days, and if it's upsetting her enough for her to bring him in on it ...
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[Filter: Eith, in Kilian]

Does she complain about me much?
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So when am I going to get to see you perform your new magic, Arwen? Eith has been so secretive, and I haven't gotten to see any of it just yet. Do you suppose that I might be able to sit in on your next lesson?
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I didn't ...

I didn't think I'd ever see her again.

I wonder if this is how she felt when I came wandering out of the woods. Like -- like seeing a ghost. I spent so much time sure, sure that she was lost to us, that I had left without really atoning for what I did to her.

I ...


She's alive. She's alive.
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[Filter: Those in Baethan]

... I don't think those strangers will be coming back.

It was all very odd. The minute Tallys told them that we had recovered the artifact and we would not be giving it up, it was like they decided that was an acceptable loss. Gone within minutes. Like they'd never been here in the first place.

I still can't fathom what they wanted with it.
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[Filter: Jayne and Labhri, in Kilian]

... Will it be too much of a burden, if Arwen and I stay with your family for the holiday?

She -- I don't think being alone in our house is good for her. It's ... certainly not for me, either. But considering the date, I'll more than understand if you refuse us. You have your own to mourn, and it's ... just as fresh for you as it is for us. Moreso, in fact.

In fact, this was a ridiculous idea. My apologies. I wish you a peaceful and quiet Night of the Dead.
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[Filter: Arwen, in Kilian]

Are you hungry?
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[Filter: Arwen, in Kilian]

Do you want to go see home on Festival? To say goodbye? Have Festival there one more time, like Mother and Father are still ...

Or is there too much ... too much there to do it? Do you think you'll have nightmares if we go there?

I just ...

I want to believe they would want us to have a good holiday. I want to know that they're with us in spirit.
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[Filter: Private, in Kilian]

All those years.

All those months in Taln, in Tarra, for what? This empty house. Nothing but candles and cobwebs. No bodies, already buried or burned or worse. No notes. No goodbyes. No reasons why they did this.

This sort of madness --

-- No.


But all those years away. To what, protect them? From what I thought was -- my self-centered belief that the world revolved around me? That everything that happened was because of me, that ...

If Arwen had been here.

If I had been here.

If we had just gotten here a day sooner. A week. I don't know how long but if we'd simply --
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I never did like being on the road for holidays. I've done it more times than I can count, and it never gets any less disheartening.

I know that it's a necessity. I know that we need to go on with all haste. I know I shouldn't even be thinking about holidays, right now, with this ...

... But I picture my parents. They always thought it was silly how I cared most for Ferdiad. Always, since I was a child. Arwen used to tease me, too, but they still set the scene for the observances. All Baethan still turned out for it, one way or another, even for Ferdiad.
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[Filter: Amalea, Jayne, and Marias, in Kilian]

I'm ... honestly not sure we ought to be taking Arwen to that shop anymore.
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[Filter: Amalea, in Kilian]

I wanted to speak to you about Arwen's lessons when you had a moment.

It's not working. I don't know what the difference is in the way you teach and the way Jayne teaches besides -- well, besides the obvious, but Arwen isn't listening to her. She isn't doing anything that Jayne says. She's barely doing any work, she hasn't learned any new runes or worked on stacking them for weeks ...

Jayne is ... sensitive about it, so I wanted to speak to you first. If we can make it look like we're doing this for her sake, trying to help her, then she might be more willing to accept it, but she has ... a history of being a bit stubborn about affairs like this.

Are you willing to help?
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Amalea, I picked up one of those game boards, yesterday. They had a few small sets out for sale, and I saw how you enjoyed figuring out the tricks of the game, so I thought perhaps we could all share a set. I haven't played it in years ... since before I left home. So I don't remember much about it ...

Perhaps one of these days we could all have a game night together?
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Arwen, you really ought to try some of these dumplings, with the lamb in them. I know you like the honey dumplings best, but you can't only eat sweet ones, you know, you'll just get hungry later, once they start telling the story ...

Though I haven't had them with pears before. Dragons, they smell good.
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